Trancelicious – Flash Fire

Soviet Recordings are back with a great release by Trancelicious, Romanian finest trance producer. His “Flash Fire” incl. powerful original mix and two great remixes by Fergie & Sadrian. Support from Bobina, Ismael Rodriguez, Kaeno, Suzy Solar and Matamar to name a few. Check it out:


Bobina (Russia): Will support!

Matamar (Czech Republic): We liked the Fergie Sadrian mix, and will support in the next LOT radioshow. Thanks!

Andrea Mazza (Italy): Supporting Dub Fire.

Suzy Solar (USA): I will Support Fergie & Sadrian mix.

Tartarus (UK): Really enjoying this track! We will be playing this out for sure!

Kaeno (USA): Supporting in my sets. Lots of energy on this one. Cheers!

CJ Peeton (Ireland): I will try to support it.

Taranhawk (Lebanon): Amazing remixes but the original is my favourite.

Alexsed (USA): Well done! Great uplifting track! I like the energetic original mix and will support it.

Alpay Sahingoez (Germany): Very nice release! 10/10!

Robbie Lock (UK): Loving the remixes guys, but the original is true euphoric pumping trance.

Fido X (Slovenia): Nice atmosphere sounds, nicely done.

Plathysma (Turkey): Support!

Thiago Bachet (Netherlands): Good work! Full support!


Christopher Lawrence – Rush Hour 029 (Ismael Rodriguez guest mix)
Ex-plosion – Synthetic Revolution 028
Kaeno – Re-Loaded 029
Kaeno – The Vanishing Point 248

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