Mike White Presents – God’s Blues

“God’s Blues” is an original, eclectic and melodramatic dance track with a sensibility for the soundtrack of your imaginations. If you like cinematic electronica with trance synths and great vocals you should check this out:

Allex (Slovakia): Great unique music! Will support “Hard Mix” in my show! 100/100!

Wim Waumans (Belgium): Great production, wicked support!!!

Wally (Egypt): Great EP!! Risque Operatic Mix is the best for me, 10/10!

CJ Peeton (Ireland): That sounds like a track from the 90s!

Robbie Lock (UK): A real nostalgic piece of trance kind of reminds of like oldskool british trance!

Vexare (Canada): I think these tracks all give a very haunting sensation.

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