Tony Palmer – Never Change

We are happy to present Tony Palmer‘s fourth album single called “Never Change” which includes trancy original mix, progressive house remix by Taranhawk and Wally‘s tech house remix. Support from John Askew, Suzy Solar, Steve Anderson, Eric Valentine and many more, overall 9/10 score from djs.


John Askew (UK): Original is cool!

Suzy Solar (USA): Will support Taranhawk remix.

Steve Anderson (UK): Supporting Original mix.

Eric Valentine (USA): Awesome remix from Wally! Love it!

Kaeno (USA): Taranhawk remix is the best for me. Support!

Alpay Sahingoez (Germany): Smashing release! Supporting Taranhawk remix, 10/10!

Cerera (Russia): 10/10 for Taranhawk remix.

Alexsed (USA) The remix from Taranhawk is my favorite! Overall 9/10 respectively! Will support this.

Diego Brahim (Argentina): Taranhawk remix for me! I supporting this cool track, 10/10!

Robbie Lock (UK): WOW! This release is right up my street. The original mix is simply stunning. 10/10.

Allex (Slovakia): Very nice release from Tony again! Full support! Wally remix is my fav.

Thiago Bachet (Netherlands): Good Track! Full support!

Jorge Navarro (Spain): Will support in my sets.

Javi Sanchez (Spain): Supporting Wally remix.

Matej Peternel (Slovenia): Very nice, catchy, dreamy sounds with nice flow. I like it.

Bruce Cullen (USA): Very good sounds here on Taranhawk remix!

Sergey Emotion (Russia): Taranhawk remix is nice for me! Good tune.

Wim Waumans (Belgium): Supporting Taranhawk remix.

Fergie & Sadrian (Argentina): Taranhawk remix is the best for us.

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