Thyron!x – Too Hot (Summer Anthem)

“Too Hot” is the second single by Josiah Mora and under his”Thyron!x“alias. Thanks to his big talent and passion for electronic music, Josiah is now Colorado’s headlining House dj along side biggest names of the state. We are happy to present you his new big house anthem released on Black Caviar Records.

Oakenfold supports “On Fire”

Our new release Taranhawk – On Fire (incl. Tony Palmer Remix) was supported by such djs as Andrea Mazza, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Suzy Solar, Franco Bianco, Andre Visior, Eric Valentine, Kaeno, Karybde & Scylla, Omid 16b, Paul Nova, Robert Gitleman, Steve “Butch” Jones, and legendary known dj and producer Paul Oakenfold on his Planet Perfecto Radio Show:

If you like it as much too, feel free to grab your copy on Beatport or any other good digital store.

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Thyron!x – Free Tonight

Denver indie-pop artist and producer, Josiah Mora began his career with his self titled indie rock band that released two EP’s between 2008-2010. After the band parted, Josiah began working with local dance producers and dj’s to make a name for himself in a foreign music industry. We are happy to present his debut single called “Free Tonight” on Black Caviar Records.


Mixmag reviews “Save My Heart” by Tartarus

Soviet Recordings latest release “Save My Heart” was noted and reviewed by Mixmag, a British electronic and dance music magazine, published in London. Here is what was said in the printed copy of their April issue:

«Notably, ‘Save My Heart’s production has a lot of low-fi elements going on. The too-quiet mixdown, in particular, will likely have DJs making swift gain cranks to the mixer. Musically, though, the track isn’t half bad. Marcia Juell provides a good, understated tone to the vocal, which sets up some nice moments. Comparably, Tartarus’ trance-prog main-line has teeth, which, used sparingly as it is, energises the track’s critical points.»

“Save My Heart” is #1 track on Audiojelly!

Our long-awaited track by Tartarus & Marcia Juell – “Save My Heart” has reached the no. 1 position in Audiojelly‘s Trance Top 100 and overall Top 10 Chart! It takes no longer than 4 days to reach the top of this UK based digital music store.

Full version of the release also includes remixes from Ex-Plosion, CyberSutra, Electric V, Roby K & Flashtech, and will be exclusively available on Audiojelly for another 2 weeks. 

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Tony Palmer debuts with his first studio album “This World”

Soviet Recordings present the debut studio album by Tony Palmer, talented dj and producer from Kecskemet, Hungary. “This World” includes all Tony’s hit-singles such hits as “Katyusha”, “Edge Of Mirror” and “Never Change”, supported by many heavyweight djs all over the globe, including Three Drives On A Vinyl, John Askew, Suzy Solar, Steve Anderson, Eric Valentine, Kenneth Thomas, Steve Birch and many more!

Our guys at the DJ Mag Top 100

Our guys Ben Hennessy a.k.a. Tartarus and Allex had a great time at DJ MAG’s Top 100 after party this year. Let’s ask them about their feelings!..

Q1: Do you like the results guys? David is the best or..?

Allex: It’s the worst result I ever saw! Armin van Buuren for the win, David Guetta is just a pop producer.

Q2: What about other Top 100 guys?

Ben Hennessy: Many of the people on that list surely deserve to be where they are, excepting Guetta with his pop music trying to be dance.

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Electric V – Bucuresti

We are happy to present amazing single by Victor Rusin a.k.a. Electric V actually comes from Canada, dedicated to Romania’s glorious capital Bucharest. Original has the old school uplifting trance feel to it, while Tartarus and “Gone 2 Ibiza” remixes offer ample diversity to the package.


Electric V – Bucuresti (Original Mix)
Melodic elements are sprinkled in the very beginning of the track as it starts taking shape accordingly. A tubular synth lead gently envelops you while you start to lose your senses. Traditional Romanian violins introduced in the breakdown serves as a pleasant surprise…! It enhances the theme and brings out an emotional edge to the production. And finally the distorted tubular lead breaks loose with some epic pads, pure hands-in-the-air trance..!

Electric V – Bucuresti (Gone 2 Ibiza Mix)
Well, it’s Ibiza folks, so it has to be groovy! A bubbly, housy bassline doesn’t disappoint in making one sway to the rhythm. The piano-laden break is as lush as it could get and bursts out with huge lead bringing the house down..! A massively melodic progressive rework, which certainly shines through.

Electric V – Bucuresti (Tartarus Remix)
A chugging bassline with screeching fx makes up for a quite different start. After a short intro with lush pads, breakdown stirs things with an electric lead. Pretty techy in parts but a well executed remix.

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Tartarus & Jan Johnston – Something’s Missing

Jan Johnston is an English professional singer, best known for collaborating with some of the world’s top trance producers, such as TiestoPaul van DykPaul Oakenfold, just to name a few. 

Soviet Recordings are proud to present her new release with very talanted trance duo Tartarus. “Something’s Missing” incl. remixes from Adam Sheridan, Ex-plosion, Fergie & Sadrian, Diego Brahim, Allex, Fido X, Alpha Force vs. Olbaid, Trancelicious and Alpay Sahingoez!


Raveline Magazine (Germany): Remember Last Summer! 10/10!

Graham Gold (UK): Cool Sharidan mix!

DJ Vibe (Portugal): Stuff to work out. I’ll try it. Thanks!

Andre Visior (Germany): Supporting Adam Sheridan remix.

Steve Anderson (UK): Supporting Adam Sheridan’s remember amnesia mix.

Suzy Solar (USA): Awesome tracks! I’m especially digging the Diego Brahim remix.

Tempo Giusto (Finland): I’ll support Adam Sheridan remix.

Alexsed (USA): What a great vocal tune! Remix from Fergie & Sadrian is the champ in here! Also, Fido X remix is great!

Cerera (Russia): Supporting Alpay Sahingoez remix, 10/10!

Wally (Egypt): 10/10 for Allex remix, will support for sure!

Wim Waumans (Belgium): Fergie & Sadrian remix is for me. Felt this production the strongest! Big anthem, full support!

Taranhawk (Lebanon): Supporting Ex-Plosion Remix!

Thiago Bachet (Netherlands): Ex-plosion Remix is my favourite. Support!

VG vs. Dave Sullivan (Hungary): We’ll support Adam Sheridan remix.

Jorge Navarro (Spain): Adam Sheridan’s mix is the best for me, thanks!

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