Bibhas – Man Of Two Worlds

We glad to present you “Man Of Two Worlds” by Bibhas, talanted producer from India. His tracks are all about beautiful synths, serene atmospheric pads and uplifting climaxes full of feelings. “Man Of Two Worlds” was supported by such names as Airwave, Andrea Mazza, Suzy Solar, Kaeno and was voted as the “Track Of The Year 2010” in Ex-Plosion’s Synthetic Revolution radio show.


Airwave (Belgium): The remixes are in my opinion a waste of time compared to the chill mixes, which is a great piece of music! this is what the artist should focus on! nothing else.

Kaeno (USA): Full Support on the Siddharth Bohidar Remix and Original Mix.

Suzy Solar (USA): Very powerful track! 9/10!

Andrea Mazza (Italy): Supporting the original.

Alexsed (USA): Great track! Definitely will support remix from Siddharth Bohidar. And I like the chillout mix as well. Overall 9/10!

Ex-Plosion (Russia): One of my favourites this year! 10/10!

Albert van Leizer (Argentina): Amazing release, thank you! I will support this great tune in my next gig!

Tempo Giusto (Finland): Alright progressive trancer.

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