Dany Oghia – Final Call

Dany Oghia has been producing music for the better part of his life. Living now in Toronto, Dany was born in Dubai during the rich developmental period and was witness to electronic music progress from obscurity to mainstream. We are proud to pesent his new release “Final Call” on our label! Support from Steve BirchAndrea MazzaSuzy Solar and more.


Steve Birch (UK): Great Bibhas & Kiran remix!

Andrea Mazza (Italy): Supporting Bibhas & Kiran Remix.

Tartarus (UK): Quality release, I’ll be playing the Enemy’s Gate Remix in
the January Tartarus DJ Sets.

Suzy Solar (USA): Great Enemy’s Gate remix.

Alexsed (USA): Very good track! 9/10! I’ve enjoyed the remix from Bibhas &
Kiran! Very intriguing.

CJ Peeton (Ireland): Will support Bibhas & Kiran remix.

D-Force (Netherlands): Original mix taking me on a high trip, nice!

Javi Sanchez (Spain): Very good progressive tune, energetic and dark, I like
it a lot. Congratulations!

Jorge Navarro (Spain): Supporting Bibhas & Kiran remix, thanks for new release.

Wim Waumans (Belgium): Trance minded clubtrack, nice production!

Allex (Slovakia): Very nice progressive trance! Dany made a great track, and
Bibhas & Kiran did awesome remix.

Taranhawk (Lebanon): Great release, all the tracks! 9/10

Thiago Bachet (Netherlands): Really awesome! I like Bibhas & Kiran remix!

Alpay Sahingoez (Germany): Excellent Bibhas & Kiran remix!

Fido X (Slovenia): Enemy’s Gate Remix is the best for me.

Vexare (Canada): Nice Bibhas & Kiran remix

Sergey Emotion (Russia): Enemy’s Gate remix sounds good!

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